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Much to our regret, we are not able to do our large display
again this year—chiefly due to financial reasons.
As most of you know, we are real estate appraisers,
and I am also a real estate broker (See the link below);
and our industry has been very slow for the last 2 years.
Unless Bob can take 3-4 months off , we have to also
hire help to put up the display…and the cost
of putting up the display is very high.
We wish with all our hearts that we could do it;
it is horriby sad and very dark here with no lights!
We are so very sorry to disappoint everyone…we have
received hundreds of emails & calls asking about 2007.
We will always do the display whenever we are able.
Hopefully next year will be a much better year!

Meanwhile, we invite you to join us in enjoying the
pictures of past displays on our website…
and we also invite you to email us with
stories and pictures of your personal visits
and experiences at the display.
Perhaps we can share them with everyone
through our website this year!

Your friendship and support of our display over the years
means more to us than we can ever express.
We treasure your emails, calls and experiences,
and we are blessed to be a part of your
family traditions and lives.

We wish you a blessed Christmas in celebration of the
birthday of our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ.
We wish you health, prosperity & happiness
this Christmas season—and in the coming new year.
May God richly bless and care for each of you.

With much love,

Bob and Sandy Kendall

Email your photos and stories to: